Valley Care and Rehab's center features include:

  • Air-conditioned one-level 35 bed skilled nursing care
  • Private resident rooms
  • Semi-private adjoining bathrooms
  • Sprinkled building for fire protection
  • Smoke free facility and courtyard  
  • Family-style dining with three meals per day plus snacks
  • Shower rooms (one on each wing of facility) and a new tub
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Beauty shop
  • Therapy room
  • Chapel / sun room
  • Front lounge / foyer area
  • South lounge
  • Bird aviary

Resident Rooms

Valley Care and Rehab is a licensed skilled nursing facility with 35 private rooms. Each resident has his or her own private living space where they are encouraged to bring in their own pictures and decorations to make it as personal as possible, giving their room a homelike atmosphere. All rooms are equipped with a bed, mattress, bedding, nightstand, closet, and vanity. Residents are encouraged to bring in their personal bedspread or comforter, favorite chair, or a small table and lamp to personalize their room. These furnishings need to be safe in structure and should not take up a lot of space so that they aren't a safety hazard.

Residents are also invited to bring in their own television and phone to use in the privacy of their room. A cable television connection is provided by Valley Care and Rehab. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the building for residents and guests to use with their personal computers or tablets.


Commons Area and South Lounge

Our commons area is conveniently linked directly to our dining room area for easy resident access. The area is complete with large floor to ceiling windows that provide wonderful sunshine and a beautiful view of the outdoors. These windows overlook Atkinson Elementary School and their playground along with our parking lot and 5th Street. Residents are able to see and discuss the daily happenings of Barnesville along with enjoying some sunshine and conversation with each other here as well.

Our commons area is also where we host a variety of our daily activities which include: exercises, crafts, games, puzzles, and music. It is also equipped with comfortable recliners, a large activity table, a large television, and music/CD player with sound system and public telephone for local phone calls.

This area is also open for the community to use and we have hosted various musical entertainment shows, skits, family gatherings as well as our annual resident Christmas party. This cozy and inviting room can comfortably hold up to 100 people for our larger community events and can just as easily be enjoyed for our smaller in-house gatherings of snacks and coffee with our residents, staff and their families.

New to our commons area is the kitchenette located on the southwest wall. It contains a refrigerator, microwave, and oven along with storage for resident personal items. This area is a great addition for our residents and their daily lives, offering an area to prepare quick breakfasts on days they choose to sleep late, an oven for our activities staff to bake the treats residents prepare, and storage for nutritional snacks.

Our South Lounge provides a quiet space to watch television, play games, or visit with families or other residents.


Sun/Chapel Room

This room is located off of our dining room and is a wonderful place for our families to gather and converse with each other. This quaint, inviting, and relaxing room has plenty of windows to allow the sunshine to pour in and uplift and energize our residents. Facing south, a beautiful view of our courtyard may be seen from this room. This room is equipped with a table and chairs, piano, podium, plants, and lamps. It is utilized weekly by local pastors to host worship services, Bible readings and devotionals and is used by our Catholic priest to lead mass as well as other small group activities.


Front Yard and Lounge Area

Our front yard patios are popular spaces to enjoy the weather and take in the scenery while socializing. Residents may grow tomatoes, green beans and carrots or other vegetables in our unique, raised garden tables.

Our front lounge features a bird aviary which is a real conversation piece and an enjoyment to residents and visitors of all ages. The aviary typically contains about 10 - 12 birds of a variety of species such as orange weavers, silver bills, goldfinches, diamond doves, green singers and owl finches. The aviary is maintained by Living Design of Worthing, South Dakota. Staff from Living Design visit every 3 months to care for the current birds and often bring new ones for us to enjoy. Periodically the birds have babies and this is a special treat for everyone to discuss.

Located next to our bird aviary is the front lounge seating area where residents, visitors, and family members can socialize and enjoy the view of our beautiful front yard.


Beauty Shop

Valley Care and Rehab is also proud to have its own beauty shop room. A licensed beautician comes in weekly to provide services to the residents so that they are keeping up with the latest styles and looking their best. Residents can also have their own beautician come in if they prefer. Perms, haircuts, and coloring are all available.